November 29, 2016


Hope is a Cause

~Not an Effect ~
Hope Carries Light

. . . and Hope illuminates the Path. We set hope in motion as we Journey. We look forward with hope to the Imagined Future. Throughout time, the human story has been linked to all three: the Path, The Journey, and the Quest. We will explore each of these in depth, as we uncover The Seven Stepping Stones of The Path, along with other specific and important paths. We will also determine the vital Seven Keys of the Journey. The ultimate Quest will be discussed as we prepare the Three Attribute Test, pack a Questing Bag, and to Come to the Woods . We learn to become more and better who we are called to be.

Each precious and distinct human being exercises AND derives Power through the exercise of resources and tools particular to that individual.

What is your Super Power?

As we Journey, the most important decision we will make is whether to take the Hero’s Path. The Monster Path is real, and there are Monster’s Among us! How do we tell the difference between a hero vs. a monster in others and even ourselves?

I am forming a Path in two directions as I journey: one leading backwards that forms my Stream of Memories even as the other stretches forward to the Imagined Future.